We have made the effort to provide privacy and comfort for you. 
Nature has provided everything she could: the cleanest and clearest sea, the sun and the scent of pine trees in the air. It is up to you, dear guests, to come to us and to enjoy yourselves.If you like nature and you want to spend holidays in a peaceful place, far away from the city noise, than this is an ideal choice for you. We offer an excellent accommodation, price and warmest hospitality.

villa bribirkaVilla Bribirka is perfect for vacation in nature.  Comfort and small distance from sea (only 6 km),  is all you need.  With two floors (all together cca 150 m2), swimming pool, and big courtyard (cca 2000 m2), Villa Bribirka is
great choice for big family (about 6 persons).

villa stefi Villa Steffi on the one of the most beautiful destination of the adriatic coast. Villa Stefi gives you comfort, privacy and safety. With beautiful location isolated from city noise, we give you full pleasure on our sea.

villa jesenovaVilla Jesenova is built house with exceptional comfort. Beautiful location and views allow you to enjoy the beauty of the most beautiful sea, isolated from the city noise.



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